Dear international customers!

BRS-Parts is a small business which manufactures high quality scale parts and accessories for warbirds and is situated in Bavaria/Germany. Our main aim is to provide accessories which are not available elsewhere for professional builders. Furthermore we offer professional painting and weathering services for your project.

We only use grade A materials and compounds. All work is done with great care, be it the selection of the materials, the laminating process or the finish in authentic WWII colours.

All products can be viewed on our website. Prices are all including VAT (also called GST in some countries). Due to our business model we are not allowed to seperately declare the VAT.

We will glady ship your order worldwide to wherever you are. Just pop us a Mail to enquire for individual shipping rates.

If you have any questions concerning our products or are looking for something to suit your individual project, send an email to the boss himself:

At some stage we will definitely translate the whole page to english but for the time being we will have to make do with the saying "a picture says more than 1000 words". Of course, all our products are illustrated!

best regards,
the BRS-Parts team